More About Me

Asking for your Business in Advance!

Realtor in Central Florida and Brevard County, with 21 Years of Experience, in Selling homes, Condos and Vacant Land.

Sell Your Home Fast, With ZERO Stress At Top Dollar.

Does your professional life take all the time you have in the day? How do you manage a 60+ hour work week, the kids, homework, etc. and everything else needed to have your house ready for a buyer and perhaps not even a pre-qualified buyer?

I'll make sure every buyer is able to afford your home.

I'll come to your office, you won't need to drive to mine.

I'll handle the contracts.

☆I'm a knowledgeable Realtor and a professional, just like you. I specialize in working with professionals; Doctors, C.E.O's, C.F.O.'s, Parents, Lawyers, Bankers, etc.☆

I take away the stress from the home selling process, or as much as I can. I use creative MARKETING and persistence, coupled with clear, thorough communication that makes selling your house easy, from START to CASH in your pocket.

Getting what you want in the time you want it!

I am not simply my job. Hopefully, I am a well-rounded person:
I love refinishing old furnisher and either making it look from that time period or making it look more modern.
I have visited 11 countries (Paris is my favorite thus far). . Was held up at gunpoint in Mexico. I also speak Spanish. Attempting to learn Japanese not going so well.

Give a portion of my commissions back, to the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROGRAM, and 5k a year to the SPCA.

I have written a serious of books for investors and for different topics in the real estate industry.

Let ME do the work and get you in your new home.


Spanish, English